Interdisciplinary Services

Engineering Services are generally used to manage complex challenges. Most often to manage interdisciplinary challenges as well. With our wide range of services we accompany our customers from the first idea until the realization and completion of national and international projects. If required we also support our customers in maintenance and business with our expert knowledge, competence, commitment and independence. 

At Dorsch we subdivide in the three fields of Organisational Advisory Services, International Cooperation and Feasibility Study.

Structural and systemic problems are frequently some of the principal causes for loss of efficiency in supply and disposal utilities. Apart from internal organisational problems and interface mismatches, cultural, social, as well as group dynamic aspects also play an important role. We provide complete support during the formulation and optimisation of your organisational structure and operations setup, and assist you in the design of internal and external workflows. Our specific technical know-how, a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and a wealth of national and international project experience gathered over many years equip us with the attributes of a strong partner in organisational advisory services.

Our services include:  

  • Organisational analyses
  • Organisational development
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Change management
  • Workshops and training of personnel

In the domain of international cooperation we carry out projects in transition, and developing countries. The regions of strategic importance to our company cover the Middle East and North Africa, South East Europe as well as selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In accordance with our organizational structure we are able to offer our customers in international cooperation programmes the entire service spectrum derived from all the fields of activity covered by our company. These services will cover typically the full range of technical, economic, institutional and socio-economic aspects. Our projects are characterized by the necessity of fruitful trilateral collaboration between the financier/ doner, the client/ beneficiary and the consultant; this setting leads to particular challenges for the consultant which need to be addressed in all phases of the project cycle. We address them partly by specific technical project management and judicious coordination of all parties, but also by a custom-made service package backed by interdisciplinary project teams dedicated to the tasks at hand. The specialists sent abroad are selected not only for their specialized technical knowledge but also for their excellent command of foreign languages and high intercultural ability. They are supported by colleagues from the head office, who are able to contribute their own extensive experience in similar projects.

Our clients are multilateral and bilateral financing institutions, development organizations as well as authorities in the target countries, including particularly:

  • The German "Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau" (KfW)
  • The German "Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit" (GIZ)
  • The European Commission
  • The World Bank
  • Regional and local authorities

A feasibility study is a preliminary study undertaken before the real work of a project starts to ascertain the likelihood of the project's success. It is an analysis of possible alternative solutions to a problem and a recommendation on the best alternative. It can decide whether an order processing be carried out by a new system more efficiently than the previous one.

Within a feasibility study following areas will be reviewed in the following aspects:

  • Economic, technic, schedule, organization, culture, legal