Lake Bizerte:
Rehabilitation of sewers networks in cities located in Bizerte Lake region


  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Sanitation


Dorsch International Consultants


Tunisian National Sanitation Utility - ONAS


From 2019 to 2020

Project Activities

The engineering services consist of rehabilitating the sanitation system and the pumping station in the lake Bizerte region: Cap Blanc, Bizerte, Zarzouna, Menzel Jemil, Menzel Abderrahmen, Menzel Bourguiba, Tina, Mateur, Ghar El Malh, Aousja. 


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Within the framework of the 'Horizon 2020 Initiative', which aims to substantially reduce pollution in the Mediterranean by the year 2020 by tackling its main sources (municipal waste, urban wastewater and industrial pollution), this project focuses on the reconciliation of Lake Bizerte with the Mediterranean Sea.
By restoring the quality of the Lake's waters and its eco-systems its expected to promote sustainable socio-economic development in the region.
The project specifically aims to:

  • Improve the quality of life and reducing the adverse environmental impacts of cities by reducing the polluting load resulting from liquid discharges, solid waste and atmospheric emissions of urban or industrial origin
  • Support the socio-economic potential of the region
  • Build up the participation of local actors and stakeholder
  • Strengthen the institutional framework to ensure sustainable development in the region.

The project ultimately aims to improve the sewer systems, ensuring universal and equitable sanitation in the Lake of Bizerte region, specifically for the cities located in the Bizerte lake watershed and the coastal fringe from Cap Blanc to Ghar El Meleh.