New Administrative Capital:
New Administrative Capital ITS


  • ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Transportation



ACUD (Administrative Capital for Urban Development)


From 2021 to 2023

Project Activities

  • Evaluation of Bidders
  • Review of Design
  • Implementation Supervision


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As per Egypt’s vision to build new cities and communities to accommodate its Inhabitants. The Egyptian government announced on March 2015 the launch of its New Administrative Capital a complete smart city over 170,000 Acres. The New Administrative capital is designed to accommodate 7 million of the Egyptian population.

The new Administrative capital is located between Greater Cairo and the Suez Canal territory near the Regional Ring Road and the Cairo/Suez Road. The area is planned to accommodate the parliament, the presidency and the governmental area including all the ministries, as well as foreign embassies, and the project also includes a major park called the green river and an international airport.

DCE was appointed for the implementation of the Intelligent Transportation Systems for phase one of the project over 40,000 Acres. The city is considered the first smart city in Egypt with ITS implementation. The city transportation includes monorail, LRT, High speed train, buses… etc. The project aims to implement all the transportation methods inside the city and going into it. DCE role is to evaluate the bidders technical and financial offers, Review of the design and the supervision of the construction process.