Thailand Benefitting from Laotian Hydro Power


Laos Xayaburi Hydro Power Project will export electricity to Thailand soon​

The Xayaburi HPP is in the cascade of Mekong Hydro Power Plants the most environmental friendliest Hydropower Project due to is fish passing facilities and sediment flushing facilities.

The works at Xayaburi HPP are in full progress and include the Powerhouse with 7 turbines each 150 MW and 1 turbine with 60 MW, one Navigation Lock with 2 chambers and embedded fish passing facilities, a Spillway with 7 surface gates (19x23m) and 4 Low level outlets (12x15m) for the sediment flushing, additional Fish Passing Facilities for fish migration including 2 Pump Stations, Fish Ladder (500m), Fish Lock and Fish Lift, one Auxiliary Powerhouse with 2 compact turbines (each 4MW) for Plant Operation.

The power of the 7 big turbines will be transmitted with 500 kV switchyard via 200km double-phase Transmission Line to Thailand (Loei province). The power of the 60 MW turbine will be used in Laos and connected with 115kV switchyard to the Laos grid.

Groundbreaking ceremony took place in November 2012, the Phase 1 until river diversion completed on schedule in January 2015. The Concrete works are now 99% completed, the Hydro-Mechanical works are 88% completed and the Transmission Line is 100% completed. The remaining project duration focuses on the Electro-Mechanical works which are currently 83% completed. Completion of the project will be October 2019.

Dorsch Consult Asia Co. Ltd. is doing the Project Control Management with supervision of the Project Management Office including Scheduling (with Primavera), Contract and Variations Management, Invoicing, Claim Management, Quantity Survey, Reporting and Documentation (with Aconex).


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