DC India celebrates its 20th anniversary


Dorsch Consult (India) Private Limited (DC India) was founded on October 18, 2000 under the Indian Companies Act. In October 2020 the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. Due to the severe restrictions and necessary precautions caused by the Corona Pandemic, which hit India particularly hard, the company will refrain from any anniversary celebrations.

DC India, based in Mumbai, is a subsidiary of Dorsch Holding GmbH in Germany. DC India was founded to cover the market in the South Asian region with a focus on India. DC India currently has over 100 permanent employees and a large number of freelancers and is working in various sectors such as transportation, airports, buildings, oil and gas and industrial plants. 


Dorsch Consult Abu Dhabi Office

Salam Street
P.O. Box 26417Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel.: +971 26 72 19 23
Fax: +971 26 72 08 09
Email: info(at)dorsch(dot)ae