BIM Cooperation Dorsch and Datumate in the Engineering Press


Dorsch Gruppe in close cooperation with its strategic partner Datumate has published a four-page Article entitled "The Digital Construction site - tangible opportunities for the future of the Construction industry" (Die digitale Baustelle - Von den konkreten Chancen für die Zukunft der Bauindustrie) in the recently published German business magazine "Bauprodukte digital 2020".

The authors are Mr. Burkhard Unterstell, COO of Dorsch International, and Mr. Dr. Jad Jarroush, CTO of Datumate. The Special "Bauprodukte digital" is published annually by Ernst & Sohn-Verlag für Architektur und technische Wissenschaften, a  renowned scientific publishing house in the engineering branch. 

The Article appears in the section "The planners' point of view" from page 69 in the magazine. The magazine is addressed to civil engineers, architects and planners and their clients.
The Article illustrates the application-oriented innovation strategy of Dorsch and Datumate, exemplified with three projects for Deutsche Bahn (German Federal Railways) realised with the support of Datumate.
Read the full German Article here (translation below):


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PDF file of our Article translation into English for your convenience:



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