Bangkok International Airport Expansion Works


The works at Suvarnabhumi International Airport Satellite Expansion are in full progress and include the New Satellite Building, New Apron and Taxiways, Tunnel for future Extension, Automated People Mover, Baggage Handling System, Existing Main Terminal Expansion and Office & Car Park Buildings as well as provision of Utilities.

With this expansion works, the urgently needed capacity of Suvarnabhumi will be increased from 40 MAP to 60 MAP. The above picture shows the basement floor of the satellite building and adjacent apron areas (in east west direction), which are nearly completed. It also shows 100m  link tunnel north of the satellite which connects  to the previously built tunnel under the existing apron (north of the satellite) and the 500m tunnel for the next future expansion satellite (South of the Satellite) in North-South direction.

Dorsch Consult Asia Co. Ltd. is supervising the current airport expansion works as part of the SCS Consortium and was involved in the initial Suvarnabhumi Airport Construction ten years ago as part of the TCS Consortium.




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