60 Years of Transport and Urban Planning: a Critical Analysis


Future Smart City meets Stupid Reality?

Smart City 1963; Source: Traffic in Towns

Unbalanced use of public space, danger to life and health, loss of time due to traffic jams and, as a reaction to this, suburban sprawl with the consequence of increased commuting distances and therefore additional demand for transport infrastructure - these were the main dysfunctionalities identified as early as 1963 in the British report "Traffic in Towns".

Georg Kern, managing director of the Dorsch Gruppe partner company PB-Consult (https://www.pbconsult.de), has critically examined the fundamental developments in German transport and urban planning over the last 60 years in an editorial.

You are invited to read what he has to say (in German) in the current December newsletter of the Competence Initiative CNA e.V., of which Georg Kern is a member of the board.





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